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Having reset my operating system just recently, removing from my hard disk all the unavoidable mass of residual files that Windows 10 loves to leave behind became a priority. Wise Care 365 has been designed to locate and remove for good all useless and unnecessary files that pile up on your disks for the most various reasons. In my case, it helped me to find and dispose of 1.6 GB of junk files that Windows and other apps had left there as a souvenir, thus improving my PC Health Index from 1.0 to 9.0 in less than two minutes.

The program’s PC Checkup option scans your system thoroughly in search of anything that may be either taking up useful disk space or slowing down your PC performance – from privacy risks to security settings, from junk files to invalid registry entries, and from OS updates to browsing history, Wise Care 365 is a specialist in cleaning and tuning up your computer in a few simple steps. Note, however, that not all options are available for users of the Free version – you will need to upgrade to Pro to make use of the Big Files Manager, the Privacy Eraser, the Context Menu integration, or to allow the app to fix whatever privacy risks it found during the scan. Most importantly, the Pro edition includes a real-time system and privacy protection.

The System Cleaner option will perform a thorough clean-up your registry and all your storage devices and will “slim” your operating system by getting rid of all Windows updates and temporary files that your OS leaves behind after installing them. System Tuneup optimizes your computer settings to make it more stable and to improve its overall performance, especially at startup and shutdown processes. You can defrag your disks and registry and manage those programs that launch with your OS to improve startup time. Privacy Protector is mainly reserved for Pro users, and it includes a deep scan of all items left behind by the web pages you’ve visited, a File Shredder, a Password Generator, and a Disk Eraser. Finally, and mainly for information purposes, Wise Care 365 offers you a Process Monitor and a Hardware Overview option to help you make informative decisions on how to make the most of your computer’s memory and processing speed.

Though you can always check each entry individually before disposing of it for good, make sure that you know what you’re doing whenever you use this tool – or any other system optimization tool for that matter – especially when dealing with registry entries. You won’t find many warning signs on the way, so be advised that certain optimization tasks might cause more damage than good if not used wisely. The free version of Wise Care 365 looks harmless enough, and – unlike most trial and free versions of similar programs – it did a great job cleaning up my system of all unnecessary files in no time at all.

Francisco Martínez
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  • It does clean up and optimizes your computer.
  • Free system optimization tools.
  • Customizable cleaning tools.
  • Clean-up schedule.
  • Real-time protection


  • Insufficient warning signs
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