Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365

A combination of Wise Disk Cleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner

Wise Care 365 is mainly intended to remove unnecessary data from your computer. Likewise, it can optimize your system, defragment hard disks and manage startup entries. Additionally, the tool can monitor the hardware and prevent malware from making changes to your browser settings.

The program has a beautiful and intuitive interface. If you are an inexperienced user, you will probably like to hear that there is a way that allows you to run most of the cleaning operations with just a couple of clicks. When you use this option, the tool scans the system and rates it according to its performance status.

In case you feel confident enough to decide exactly what to do about the errors found, it is possible to choose which items to fix. This works for not only junk files but also Registry issues, such as invalid components, obsolete startup entries, and missing DLLs. Moreover, it can defragment the Registry to make it lighter and easier to search.

Wise Care 365 is able to delete traces left behind by third-party software and the operating system itself. Likewise, it can erase the Internet browsing history. All of this has a direct positive impact on not only performance but your privacy as well. Another feature to note is disk defragmentation, which makes accessing the data store there more quickly retrievable.

In addition to boosting the PC’s performance by erasing junk files, Wise Care 365 Free provides some additional methods that can speed up the startup process, the network, and the applications’ response. Defragmenting the disk and the registry can also help users optimize the performance of their computers.

Finally, the latest versions of Wise Care 365 can provide real-time protection against unauthorized attempts to change your browser’s default search engine and homepage. Similarly, it can detect when a third-party product tries to add itself to Windows startup.

To conclude, Wise Care 365 is an effective solution that deletes obsolete data from your computer without affecting its stability. Unfortunately, only some of the program´s features are available without paying for its PRO version. As a result, some buttons simply ask you to upgrade the product.

Pedro Castro
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  • Deletes junk files
  • Defragments the Registry
  • Fixes Registry issues
  • Provides real-time protection


  • Many features do not work in the free version
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