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Wise Care 365 is a system optimization tool for Windows
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Wise Care 365 is a system optimization tool for Windows. It is an all-in-one, one-click application with the ability to scan and clean up your computer, fixing common issues and repairing the registry. It comes in two versions, one of which is free and is the one described in this review.

Wise Care 365 integrates its numerous optimization tools in a single-window interface. All tasks can be accomplished with a few clicks or by means of simple dialog boxes, which makes it a tool accessible for everyone. The first screen you'll see when you launch the app is PC Checkup; from there you can start a scan and see a detailed report of your PC health and problems. The scan focuses on aspects like invalid registry entries, useless files, and temporary files from Windows and apps such as instant messengers or web browsers.

Clicking the Fix button will start the clean up, but before that, the app prompts you to create a registry backup and system restore point, so you can roll back changes if something goes wrong after the cleaning process.

Besides cleaning your system, Wise Care takes care of other aspects of your PC and for that it includes several extra utilities. These are neatly organized into several sections: System Tune Up, for one thing, helps you improve the performance of your PC by means of tools like disk defrag, startup manager, and system optimizer. Privacy Protector offers tools like File Shredder and Disk Eraser for a complete removal of files. System Monitor, on the other hand, lets you supervise in real-time your PC performance and includes a Process Monitor that lets you kill any running processes.

Unlike many applications of the kind, Wise Care 365 works and most of its features are fully functional in the trial version, except for the ones with the Pro sign. One thing to note though is that occasionally, the app displays ads related to other products by this developer.

To sum up, Wise Care 365 is a reliable PC and registry cleaner, able to handle the most common PC issues with efficiency. The free version is functional during unlimited time, and if you want to use the Pro features you need to register the program.

Mariel Rearte
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  • One-click optimization tool.
  • Easy to use.
  • Includes numerous optimization tools.
  • The trial is fully functional


  • Occasional pop-up banners and ads in the main window (free version)
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