Wise Care 365

Wise Care 365 1.8

A collection of tools for maintaining and improving your Windows system
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Wise Care 365 is a collection of system utilities designed to help you keep your system clean and running smoothly. Some optimizations can be executed automatically (e.g. deleting temporary/unnecessary files, cleaning up the registry or optimizing Windows settings) by instructing the application to scan and fix your system while others can only be executed manually (defragmenting registry file or entire partitions, enabling/disabling programs that startup automatically with Windows and so on).

This piece of software includes some excellent tools alongside with some that are plain average or simply useless. For example, the File Shredder, File Cleaner, Startup Manager and System Optimizer are fast, effective and have a noticeable positive impact on your system’s performance. Not all optimizations achieve the promised effect but those that do will make you happy. In my case, it did not manage to shorten the boot time significantly but it managed to significantly increase system responsiveness and application load time after tweaking some memory pagination settings.

On the other hand, some tools are useless (e.g. the Wise Memory Optimizer) or some parts of them are plainly laughable (e.g. the Password Generator considers the word “password” to be a very secure password, rating it “High”). Fortunately, such occurrences are rare in this utility.

In conclusion, this pack of utilities includes some useful tools that will boost system performance in some areas.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Nice interface
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra fast
  • Some optimizations greatly improve system performance


  • Some "optimizations" are useless
  • Memory Optimizer is useless / has no positive effect
  • A little bit overpriced considering the use value
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