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There are many programs that claim to boost your system by cleaning useless files, defragmenting the registry, and fine-tuning different aspects of your computer. Many of them perform only one or two of these tasks, so you need to install several different applications. Wise Care 365 includes many useful functions in a single and convenient application so you can have them all at your fingertips.

First of all, the program has a PC Checkup function that allows to check the general health status of your computer and fix all the detected problems with just one click. With the System Cleaner functions, you can also clean Windows' registry, delete all useless or duplicate files and eliminate those Windows' functions you don't use, such as language packets and so on. The System Tuneup function allows you to defragment the registry and hard drive(s), as well as to enable or disable programs from the startup menu. As its name implies, the Privacy Protector function allows you to keep your information safe by deleting your recently accessed videos, files or webpages, and deleting and overwriting the files in the Recycle Bin. You can also overwrite any sensitive file directly from the program's interface without the need of throwing it to the Recycler. Finally, the System Monitoring functions show information about your system, such as the type of your hard drive, motherboard and other hardware, making it easier to update your drivers or check compatibility when you need to add another hardware to your system.

The most recent version has several enhancements, such as a Memory Optimizer, a Fast Search function, a Program Uninstaller and a Folder_File hider, whose functions are self-descriptive.

If this is not enough already, you can also change the program's appearance by choosing any of the different built-in themes.

There is a free version of the program which has some useful functions disabled, namely, the Privacy Risks Manager, the Big Files Manager and the Context Menu Manager, as well as several of the new functions added to the latest version. If you decide to purchase the complete version, you can choose a single license, a family pack or an enterprise solution that you can install on an unlimited number of computers. Each one has, of course, a different cost, but they are all affordable. Also, the company offers a 60-day money back guarantee, which is a good deal.

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